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Secured mind

Alex's security blog, research, how-to's, cookbooks, notes and tutorials.
IDM Depot

Identity and Access Management, Identity Governance and related technologies.
I am How

A wiki for how-to's, troubleshooting and technical notes on all things technology.

Olga Ivkin

Fine art portfolio of a talented, experienced and educated artist.

Orthodox Christian Iconography. Eastern Christian icons.
Abstract art

Abstractions by Alex, an amalgamation of technology and art.
Code sharing

Some of the highlights of the things I developed:

  • Wifipicket - wifi selective jammer. Use it to block certain hotspots, block certain wifi clients or block certain hotspots for certain clients.
  • Jekyll-Art-Gallery-Plugin - Art/Photo Gallery plugin for Jekyll
  • Petove - A system virtualizer, assists in converting physical to virtual and spoofing the hardware IDs
  • SARDELKA - Synthetic Full Backups with Bash and Rsync
  • Docker-MSSQLOps - Microsoft SQL Operations Studio docker container
  • ISIM-Crypto-Seer - Decryption tools for IBM Security Identity Manager
  • ISIM-LDAP-Sifter - A set of IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) data manipulation tools
  • WebSphere-Performance-Monitor - A WebSphere performance collection script using the built-in WAS PMI and jython

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